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4 Reasons Fire Departments Need A Tank Truck

Every fire department has various tank truck usages. Depending on location, (rural, urban, or somewhere in between) and services provided, (link) each fire department will have specific needs. Let us learn about the top 4 reasons a fire department needs a tank truck.

Fusion Vacuum Tanker, Red and Stainless steel vacuum tank
Vacuum Tank

REASON #1 Vacuum Tank

These unique tanks can be used anywhere, but truly fits the need in rural landscapes where hydrants are not plentiful.  Furthermore, according to Fire Apparatus Magazine, “the ability of the vacuum tanker to effectively obtain water at the closest source without the need for a fill site pumper and with minimal personnel is a game changer.”  For instance, if there is a fire on a country road, this apparatus can get the job done! Moreover, a vacuum tanker can effectively obtain water even in the most rural of areas.

REASON #2 Foam Tankers

foam tender tank
Foam Tender Tank

There are several benefits of Foam Tankers. Specifically, this fire apparatus is used for industrial clients and is a fantastic alternative to water sources. Actually, Osco Tank and Truck Sales offers a variety of foam tank options including: poly and stainless steel tanks, foam pumps, fire-rated pumps, outboard water source pumping, porta tank carriers, and flush systems for plumbing.

REASON #3 Various Materials

Tank trucks can be made from a variety of materials such as polypropylene, fiberglass, steel and stainless steel.  Furthermore, fire tank trucks are uniquely designed to fit the objectives of each department. In fact, there are pros and cons in purchasing fire tanks made with different materials; however, the main benefit is that every fire department can choose the tank that fits its needs.

Finally, this leads us to the 4th reason why fire departments need a tank truck.

REASON #4 Custom Tanks

Tanks are customizable! And, considering the requirements of each department, a custom tank is ideal! Better yet, Companies, like Osco Tank & Truck Sales can provide the best fit tanker for your department needs.  Having the option to choose poly or steel, having the option to choose the ‘type’ of apparatus, and having the option to choose the most affordable yet suitable tank is imperative.