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Be Careful of Dual Use for Fertilizer Tanks

Fertilizer TrucksWhen you’re running a farming operation, you always want to be on top of your finances and make sure that you are on budget. This can lead to reusing old equipment and making do with what you have–and for good reason. In most cases this can be an excellent practice because there’s no need to have the latest and greatest for every piece of the farming operation. However, there are some areas where reusing equipment can pose serious risks to the health of your livestock. In the case of using a tank which has previously held nitrogen-based fertilizer, as in a fertilizer tank truck, it should never be later used as a water truck for livestock (or otherwise).

You Can’t Get All the Nitrogen Out

It’s extremely difficult to get every trace of nitrogen out of a fertilizer tank truck that has previously been used with nitrogen-based fertilizers. When you are deciding what a tank truck should be used for, you need to make a decision about whether you will need it most for water or fertilizer. Whereas you can switch it from a water to a fertilizer tank for your operation, you cannot go from it being a fertilizer tank to a water tank for your livestock. If you’re unsure about what to start with, or what your operation needs most, always start with water. You can change your mind in the future on that one. However, if you do find yourself needing another water tank for your livestock, it’s always best to get a new or used water tender instead. Osco Tank & Truck Sales can help you create a custom tender that’s within your budget.

water truckWhat Happens When You Use a Previous Fertilizer Tank for Water

There are some serious and fatal risks that come with using a fertilizer tank as a water tender for your livestock. The first is that your livestock will end up with nitrate poisoning. This is when nitrite builds up in the bloodstream of livestock after they’ve drank the contaminated water. This build up reacts and then cannot transport oxygen to lungs, body, etc. and the animal will suffocate. This is obviously not what you want, and it could end up costing you thousands. Another way that livestock can be poisoned from a reused previous fertilizer tank is by urea toxicosis. Excess ammonia will get into the body and cause poisoning, and this usually happens pretty fast. Contaminated water can and will lead to poisoning, so this “reuse” method should never be used.

Affordable, Custom Water Tenders from Osco Tank & Truck Sales

Instead of reusing a previous fertilizer tank, a new or used water tender should be purchased. Osco Tank & Truck Sales offers many different options from new to certified used chassis to custom work and more. Plus, all of our tanker trucks offer many different options regarding pumps, tanks, and accessories. Whatever your operation’s needs, we can help you create a custom tanker truck to fit. Keep your livestock healthy. Don’t cut corners in this area because it will only lose you money in the long run.

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