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Common Questions About Custom Tank Trucks

At Osco Tank & Truck Sales, we often get some common questions from new clients asking about our tanker trucks. Whether they’re looking for a used fire tanker or a DEF truck, there are some common questions that you might want to know the answers to as well. In this article, we’ll discuss a few common questions and their answers.

Mountain Park Fire DepartmentHow Much Does a Custom Tanker Truck Cost?

This is a great question, but it can only be answered by the specific type of truck that you are looking for and what options that you are interested in adding. A tank truck refurbishment, even while custom, is going to be a different price than a brand new top of the line fire apparatus. Likewise, an agricultural truck may have different features than a water truck and cause the cost to differ. Please contact us for price estimates and we will work through the custom options that you are looking for and give you a quote for the cost.

Can I Use My Truck’s Chassis?

This depends on a case by case basis, but most of the time it is definitely possible! While we offer custom truck fabrication, we also offer truck refurbishment. What you’re interested in might fall under this category. We base our business on quality and reliability. If your equipment is aging and needs repair, truck refurbishment is often a much more economical solution than replacement. Our refurbishing process is rigorous and thorough and we can help make your truck like new. Every Osco Certified chassis will receive new paint on the cab and chassis, new tires, new brakes, new powertrain fluids and filters, new bumper, 120 point inspection, road testing, and DOT inspection at an independent truck service center. Refurbishment can also include pump repair and tank replacement.

Callender Community Fire Department custom tank trucksI’m in a Different State, Can I Still Order Custom Tank Trucks?

Yes! We provide custom tank trucks anywhere in the United States. While we are based in Illinois, that doesn’t stop us from delivering great product all over the U.S. We are happy to work with your specific needs, be it wildfires, high humidity or extreme cold, or other concerns. We want to work with you to create the best possible tank truck to meet your department’s needs, Check out our “Deliveries” page to get an idea of the kind of trucks that we create for our clients all over the Midwest and the United States.

Interested in a Osco’s Custom Tank Trucks? Call Us!

Angie is happy to talk with you and get you started on getting the truck of your dreams. Whether you’re looking for the best agricultural truck for your farm for next year, or your department needs a new fire apparatus, we’re happy to help. Contact us today for more information and to get started.