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Control Dust for Cattle with a Water Truck

When it gets to this point in the summer, all most of us want is the unrelenting heat to go away and turn into cool fall weather and rain. In fact, we’d give anything for rain! A long, dry summer also means problems with dust control. Did you know your cattle can be affected by excess dust? A water truck can help you control dust and get your cattle back on track to a healthy summer.

How Dust Affects Cattle

dust control water truck

Can dust really cause problems with cattle? Yes! Imagine that you were in a dusty, dry environment. But you couldn’t cover your face with your hands or clothing, and you had to be in it all day. This is the reality for cattle in dusty conditions. As you can imagine, it can leave cattle with respiratory problems and skin/fur problems. While the Midwest doesn’t always have this problem, more arid and dry areas will have this problem. There are a few methods that can be taken to decrease the risk of this problem, but a water truck is an easy way to combat it every time.

Solutions for Dust Control

The first and best solution is keeping a close eye on your pen and making sure that the manure on the top layer is not getting too deep. This can dry out in the sun and cause massive dust problems. The soil is made up of several layers, and when the layers are disrupted or damaged they can cause major problems. The best way to keep dust controlled is to keep the manure non compacted and about 1 inch deep. Excess manure can be taken away with a front end loader.

Other solutions depend on the size of the operation that you have or the type of cattle and how many cattle. This can all help control or work to disrupt the natural balance of dirt, dust, and soil on your farm. It’s a task that needs to be kept up with or it can lead to cattle getting sick, which is even worse than having to deal with how thick a layer of manure should be. However, it’s also important to keep the soil wet and not let it dry out too much. This can be easier said than done, but with a water truck it makes the job that much simpler.

Water Trucks for Dust Control

Water Truck Spray

Water trucks are an easy and great way to make sure that your cattle are not having problems with dust and you are not having problems with dust control. They consist of a truck with a tank and a sprayer usually on the back end. The water is sprayed evenly on the ground and gets the soil wet in the most effective way possible for large areas. If you have a big operation, you know how important it is to get things done in a timely fashion and with the most ease you can because there will be other things that have to be done the hard way. A water truck can be a great investment for your farming operation for this very reason.

At Osco Tank and Truck Sales, we have water trucks which are designed for a quick draw from almost any water around, including lakes, ponds, rivers and swimming pools if you are not using your water truck for dust control. Our water trucks also are used for dust control. They can be built on new or used chassi, and this can help cut down costs for dust control for farming operations. Osco water trucks are engineered for quality, durability, and performance and are constructed to handle all types of terrain. Are you ready to get control of dust on your farming operation? Give us a call today and we can help you create the perfect truck for your farm.