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Dry Fields Are Fire Hazards

Farmers need their fields dry in the fall for harvest, but dry fields are fire hazards waiting to ignite. Rural fire departments must be prepared to respond.

The hot, dry conditions that make a field ideal for harvest also makes it a combustible tinderbox. As a result, accidental field fires can occur.

Combine & Tractor Fires Cause $20 Million in Property Loss Each Year

The National Ag Safety Database estimates that combine and tractor fires cause more than $20 million in property losses annually.

Fire line burning in field
Dry fall field conditions make fires a serious risk. (Photo courtesy of the USDA)

Heat from the thousands of moving parts on a combine, coupled with a build-up of combustible crop residue around the engine and exhaust system can ignite a flame.

Fires flash quickly when introduced to dry crops and can rapidly burn standing corn or soybeans or even soybean stubble. 

A study by South Dakota State University ag engineers found that most autumn field fires occur on days with wind speeds averaging 15 miles-per-hour with occasional gusts of 25 to 30 miles per hour, suggesting farmers need to be extra vigilant when dry fields are coupled with windy conditions.

Water Is Critical When Battling Blazes

Rural fire departments facing field fires know water is critical. 

A fire truck from Osco Tank and Truck Sales provides the fire fighting force your department needs when battling rural fires.

Our Dominator Series trucks are custom built with Poly tanks and Poly bodies. Each Dominator truck can feature a 1,000 to 4,000 gallon tank as well as numerous other custom options.

The Commander Series features workhorse fire tankers that get the job done. Commander trucks are designed to perform in all conditions.

The Commander Series also includes liquid foam tenders holding up to 5,000 gallons of liquid firefighting foam. These trucks can be easily dispatched and set up to gravity feed or pump off the foam solution 

Osco Tank and Truck Sales’ Fusion Vacuum Trucks are built tough and designed for simple and easy operation.

They offer the ability to move large amounts of water with great ease and speed. Fusion Vacuum Trucks self-filling at rates up to 2000 gallons-per-minute.

The Fusion Series tankers take water shuttles to a whole new level, allowing fire departments to get water from multiple sources including ponds, creeks, lakes, and pools.