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Harvest Season is Almost Over

As the end of the harvest season nears, it’s time to take stock of your agricultural trucks and fertilizer trucks. Purchased a new truck this year and you want to take stock of how well it performed? Have a well-loved truck that needs some attention? After all the stress of the harvest season, it’s time to take a look at your agricultural trucks.

Wash Up Your Truck

wash up truck maintenance agricultural truck harvest seasonDuring planting and harvest season, your agricultural truck will get very dirty and dusty. It’s extremely important to wash, clean, and take care of regular maintenance on your truck after the season is over. Give your agricultural truck a deep clean. Get all the mud, muck, and dusty out of your wheels and tires, body, and off your windows. This dirt can build up over time and even cause problems for your engine. An engine free of debris will always run best. Don’t risk a problem with your engine just because you haven’t cleaned up your truck.

Agricultural Truck Maintenance

Additionally, make sure that you are giving your truck regular maintenance. Whether this means an oil change or replacing parts that are going bad, it’s critical to the health of your tank or truck. After harvest season, service your truck by using a checklist. First, change your oil and check all your other fluids. Replace any broken parts and fill in chips/cracks so that they do not rust. Vacuum out the interior of your truck and shake out any mats inside. Interior is just as important as outside. Next, before storage, fill up your tires a bit more than you would usually so that they do not go flat over the winter season while not in use. However, make sure to fill them up to the right level before using your agricultural truck again so that you prevent field compaction. Clean out your tank and clean up the outside. Store your truck in a safe and secure place away from pests and the elements.

Look Ahead to the Spring Season

harvest seasonTake stock of how well your truck did this harvest season. Is your truck older? Are you having problems? It’s time to give Osco Tank & Truck Sales a call. We want to get to know you and what you’re looking for in an agricultural truck. Whether you want brand new or used, we build customized tank trucks that are the perfect fit for your operation. We offer new paint on the cab and chassis, new tires, new brakes, new power train fluids and filters, new bumper, a 120 point inspection, road testing, and DOT inspection at an independent truck service center on every Osco Certified truck. Our fertilizer trucks specifically have options including: pumps (Gorman Rupp, Defco, MP Pumps, etc.), full sump with 3″ or 4″ outlets, sight gauges, double compartment tanks, fuel transfer tank, tool boxes, hose trays, and flood lights.

Call Osco Tank & Truck Sales for Custom Agricultural Trucks

Contact Osco Tank & Truck Sales after harvest season and learn about our options for customized new and used trucks and tank trucks. We have a variety of options available, and we happily customize each to your specifications. We offer used certified chassis as well to help fit your budget. Don’t neglect your truck’s health after harvest season! Contact Osco today!