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How to Save Money on Tire Maintenance

tire maintenanceTire Maintenance Tip: Check Your Tread

The easiest thing to do for tire maintenance is checking your tire tread. Checking your tire tread is important because it’s what helps give you traction on the road. When it is worn down, it causes hydroplaning, flats, and all sorts of issues.

Make Sure Your Wheels Are Aligned

Make sure your wheels and your trailer are aligned. If the two do not match, you have to overcorrect which causes dragging. This puts wear on your tires which is easily avoided by proper alignment. A lot of wear means tire maintenance sooner than you’d like.

Check Tire Pressure

Before you leave for a job or on a long drive, check your tire pressure. Tire pressure below or highly above the manufacturer recommended pressure is dangerous and causes blowouts or flats. Along with this, check your valve to make sure it is not cracked or leaking air. Ideally, check your tire pressure at least once a month, and more often if you’re taking long trips or commuting regularly.

Tire Maintenance Isn’t the Only Option–Truck Refurbishment is a Pick Me Up for Old Trucks

tire maintenanceHowever, if you do end up with a problem with your tires or truck, we provide truck refurbishment or custom truck replacement. While we know tires aren’t a reason to buy a new truck, sometimes tire damage means that the rest of the truck has similar wear and tear. You need an upgrade. This is where Osco Tank & Truck Sales comes in. Contact us today for truck refurbishment or custom truck builds and check out our tank sales.