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Keep Agricultural Trucks in Working Order

The flooding in your area might be subsiding, but that’s just the start of the problem for many people. When you need to plant, you might have to ford damp, muddy conditions. This in itself is hard enough, but when it can also affect your equipment like agricultural trucks. Agricultural truck needs maintenance after being used in muddy conditions or they can experience problems. Here’s a few things to consider after planting in such areas.

agricultural truckClean It Up

First and foremost, get your agricultural truck to a clean area with no mud so that you can wash it down and get it ready for its next use or for storage. Depending on if it has a tank or not, you may want to use different methods to clean. If you have a stainless steel tank or body, make sure that after you spray it down you also get it dry. Otherwise, you can be left with stains. When you leave mud to cake on wheels, tires, and the body, it can cause mechanical problems and leave stains and scratches. Get it off while it’s still wet and easy to maneuver. You’ll thank yourself later.

Use the Right Tires

If you’re working in muddy conditions, you need to use the right tires. The right tires will make the difference between creating big ruts in the field, compacting the field, or getting stuck. If you need advice on the right tires for your equipment, we’re happy to work with you to find the best fit for your unique needs. Be sure to mention that you will be working in wet or muddy conditions and we’ll find the best fit for your custom agricultural truck.

agricultural truckStore it Dry

Storing your agricultural truck right can be the difference between rust problems and a clean body. Rust can be costly to repair or replace if it gets too extreme. Take care of your agricultural truck now so that you can avoid problems later. The best way to store your equipment is in a clean, dry, and covered environment. This could be a barn, or it could be under a tarp if necessary. When you’re only storing for a little while between uses, just make sure that it’s covered and not exposed to the elements.

Need More Tips?

Call Osco Tank & Truck Sales. We’re happy to advise you on the best methods to keep your agricultural truck in tip top shape. Plus, we can help you design a custom agricultural tank truck that fits the needs of your operation. Contact us today for more information about our products and customization options.