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Repair or Replace Your Fire Tanker Truck

Unfortunately, fire tanker trucks don’t last forever. While it seems like they used to last forever, they just don’t last as long these days with the level of response and incidents.

Instead, we’ll probably see 15-20 years out of trucks. Budgets get smaller, and that means that when we start to notice a fire tanker truck on the way out we have to consider if it’s better to repair or replace it.

In this article, we’ll discuss a few items to consider before deciding whether you should repair or replace.

Cost of Repair or Replacerepair or replace

In most cases, the first thing that most departments look at is the cost of repairing versus replacing. This may seem simple–of course repair would be cheaper, right? Not always!

Sometimes, when fire tanker trucks get older, they may need to be completely rewired or reworked to fit current safety standards.

Additionally, big pump or transmission problems could cost you a pretty penny. When you encounter large problems, this is usually going to cost you more money than it’s worth and in this case it might be better, safer, and simpler to just get a new one.

Safety of New vs. Old

Older tanker trucks can be a great asset to your department, but there are times when they don’t meet the current safety standards of operation. If it’s going to cost you time and money to overhaul an older truck rather than just get a new one, it’s probably not worth it.

Don’t put the safety of your team in jeopardy just because you want to keep the old tanker truck. Make sure that you’re always following safety standards and working with a company that knows and keeps up with current standards so that you’re always on the right page.

New Berlin - Island Grove FPD - New Berlin, ILDepartment Needs

When your older tanker truck is starting to break down, it’s also important to consider what the needs of the department and community are at this time.

If you once were a thriving city and the economic downturn has taken its toll, there may not be a need to have another new fire tanker. Perhaps a smaller truck for personnel and equipment or a nurse tank might be the right option instead.

On the other hand if the population is growing and you find that your department is not able to consistently meet the needs of the community, it may be time to consider a new or used fire tanker truck. (See What to Look For When Buying a Used Fire Truck)

How you decide on whether to repair or replace will be based on the above factors, budget approval, and considering the best fit for your community situation.

Interested in Truck Refurbishment or Truck Replacement?

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Whether you’re looking for brand new with all the features you could ask for, or a used or refurbished truck that can meet your needs, we are happy to work with you to find the best fit for your community. (See Custom Trucks Meet Fire Department Needs)

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