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Rise in Medical Emergencies Makes Responder Trucks Key

man holding his chest during a medical emergency
Todays firefighters are more likely to respond to medical calls.

Today’s firefighters are more likely to be called to the home of an individual having chest pains than to a structure on fire. The increase in medical calls has made responder trucks a necessity.

65% of Calls are Medical-Related

According to the National Fire Protection Association, substantial improvements in fire safety have caused a drop in the number of blazes.

Today’s homes and buildings are constructed with fire-resistant materials. Within the home, clothing, furniture are made with flame-retardant fabrics. Smoke detectors are more prevalant and many communities mandate sprinkler systems.

Statistics from the National Fire Protection Association show building fires have decreased 54% between 1980 and 2013.

However, as the American population ages and more elderly chose to remain in their homes, the number of medical calls have skyrocketed.

Today, the average fire department only sees 5% of its calls related to fire, while a whopping 65% of calls are medical related.

A Washington Post article said the idea of a “fire” department is a misnomer. “In practice, these agencies have become emergency medical responders.”

Responder truck built by Osco Tank & Truck Sales
Responder trucks have become a fire department necessity.

Fire Departments Need More Versatile Trucks

All this means there’s an increased need for smaller, more versatile responder trucks.

Smaller trucks are less expensive for fire departments to operate. Often, they require smaller crews to man and save on fuel costs. 

When responder trucks reply to an emergency, they can help save wear-and-tear on a fire department’s larger tanker and ladder trucks.

Full vehicle view of red responder truck built by Osco Tank & Truck Sales
Osco Tank & Truck Sales builds fully-customizable responder trucks.

For a number of smaller volunteer fire departments, responder trucks have the advantage of appearing less intimidating and easier to drive for new recruits.

Osco Builds Customized Responder Trucks

At Osco Tank & Truck Sales, our family-owned company can build responder trucks to meet your department’s needs.

Whether you’re searching for an EMS/ALS (Advanced Life Support) responder truck, a chief’s response unit or simply need a versatile multi-purpose truck in your department’s fleet, we can build the right truck for you.

With varying body sizes, we can ensure your custom responder truck best meets your department needs.

The changing landscape of firefighting has made responder trucks a must-have for every department. 

Contact Osco Tank & Truck Sales today to see how we can work with your department to build a truck suited for your needs.