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Rural Fire Departments Need Fusion Vacuum Tanker

In some fire departments, there isn’t great access to water. Whether you’re a part of a rural fire department, or you’re traveling to a scene, sometimes water must be brought there. This is where the Fusion Vacuum Tanker series by Osco Tank & Truck Sales comes in. Not only does this tanker let you collect water from multiple sources, but it can then be used to put out fires.

What is the Fusion Vacuum Tanker?

Our Fusion Vacuum Tanker truck sale units offer customers the ability to move enormous amounts of water with great ease and speed. It has self-filling at rates up to 2000 GPM, and this means the Fusion Series takes water shuttles to a whole new level. This unique option for departments allows them to get water from multiple sources (ponds, creeks, lakes, pools, etc.). Choose from Freightliner, Kenworth, Peterbilt, International, and Mack chassis. We can also mount a Fusion Series unit on a refurbished used chassis or a customer-supplied chassis. Fusion Vacuum Tanker

Fusion Vacuum Tanker Features

All of our Fusion Vacuum Tankers give our customers the choice of a stainless steel, aluminum, or mild steel tank holding up to 4000 gallons. Our custom built stainless steel or aluminum bodies are another option. Some possible add-on options for this tanker include: liquid cooled and fan cooled vacuum pump options, mid-ship side mount and top mount pumps, PTO water pumps (cross-mount or side kick mounted), and auxiliary gas powered water pumps.There’s also a choice of water cannons, hose reels, spray heads, LED Emergency lighting and LED and halogen scene lighting, and electric or manual tank racks and intake/discharge valves. With all of these options it can be hard to make a decision, but the experts at Osco Tank & Truck Sales are happy to help you make the best choice for your department and your budget.

Is it a Good Fit for Your Department?

This question is entirely up to your department’s needs and preferences. This is a great truck for rural fire departments especially. If you’re seeing fires occurring in fields and rural homes with no nearby fire hydrant to pump from, this truck series might be for you. Simply collect water from other sources nearby like lakes, streams, ponds, creeks, etc. The water does not need to be perfect quality (i.e. lake water may have moss or silt). The Fusion Vacuum Tanker can be a very versatile truck depending on your department’s needs. Fusion Vacuum Tanker Controls

Does Your Fire Department Need a Fusion Vacuum Tanker Truck?

Contact Osco Tank & Truck Sales now! Get the best fit for your department within your budget. We also make sure your equipment will work with the truck. Call us today for more information on the Fusion Vacuum Tanker Truck.