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Refurbishment Gives New Life to Old Trucks

refurbished trucks for sale truck refurbishment

A tanker truck before refurbishment.

Are you looking to replace your truck before planting season begins? Truck Refurbishment could be the answer!

How about before long trips in spring or before wildfires in your area? Do you want to keep your own truck, but it’s past its prime? In this case, the best option is truck refurbishment.

Truck Refurbishment

Truck refurbishment is a great way option to get your old truck restored and feeling like new again. Our refurbished fire trucks service at Osco Tank & Truck gives you a safe, efficient, and affordable option to update and restore your truck. Your new refurbished heavy truck is ready to work when you need it to.

refurbished trucks for sale truck refurbishment

The experts at Osco Tank and Truck Sales take pride in giving new life to old trucks.

If your budget is not ready for a big purchase like a new truck, truck refurbishment can be an economical option.

Not all trucks need to be put out of commission. Some trucks only need a full update and tune-up to make sure that they’re running in tip-top shape. This is a more economical and practical option where you’ll spend less money. You’ll also get to keep the truck you’re already used to.

Our truck refurbishment process is rigorous and thorough. We make sure that your truck feels like new when we’re done with it.

refurbished trucks for sale truck refurbishment

A refurbished and updated fire tanker truck from Osco Tank and Truck sales is an economical choice.

Your chassis is Osco certified and will receive new paint on the cab and chassis, new tires, new brakes, new powertrain fluids and filters, new bumper, 120-point inspection, road testing, and DOT inspection at an independent truck service center.

This process makes sure your truck is up to safety standards, cleaned up and tuned up, and new to you by the time you receive it. Additionally, our services also include a pump repair and tank replacement. We work with you to create the truck of your dreams on your budget.

Choose Osco Tank & Truck Sales

Truck refurbishment is a great option for many people who do not have it in the budget for a new truck. It allows for a better running and looking truck, and you choose to update your used fire tender, used foam tender, used fire truck, fertilizer tanker, or any other truck or tanker.

Give us a call today to learn more about our options and what you can expect. Get started on your truck refurbishment today!