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Truck Spotlight: Fusion Vacuum Trucks

fusion vacuum tanker

Benefits of Fusion Vacuum Trucks

Osco’s fusion vacuum trucks use a vacuum to fill the tank with water. The trucks can then be used for fires or other purposes. Our vacuum tankers are built with vacuum pumps capable of self-filling the tank at rates up to 2000 GPM. The tanker can fill itself from up to three separate suction inlets. This is helpful for retrieving water quickly and efficiently. As a result, fires can be extinguished as fast as possible. Osco fire vacuum tankers can turn any unconventional source of water (rivers, lakes, ponds, streams, swimming pools, ditches, etc.) into realistic, usable sources of water. This makes extinguishing fires that much easier, especially in rural areas. Lastly, fusion vacuum trucks can be built with a separate auxiliary of PTO driven pump. This is great for firefighting and transfer options.

Meet The Needs Of Your Fire Department

As a fire apparatus, this truck can be custom built to meet the needs of fire departments. Whether you need a lot of power or a larger tank, Osco can make sure that you get what you need within your budget. Osco Tank and Truck Sales is committed to making sure your truck is reliable, safe, and to your specifications. All fire trucks can be outfitted with: mild steel or Poly tanks, pumps (Hale, Darley, CET, Gorman Rupp, Berkley, etc.), hose reels (manual or electric), Water monitor, swing down tank racks – manual or electric, stainless steel and aluminum hose trays, stainless steel or aluminum catwalks, tool boxes, emergency lighting, scene lights, and much more.

Fusion Vacuum TankerBuyers who are interested in the efficiency of the fusion vacuum truck, but want something more budget-friendly, have options as well. Used fire tanks and refurbishment are a great choice for current trucks. Truck refurbishment takes old trucks to new levels of usability. The refurbishment lets drivers keep all the features they already love about their truck and can be a budget-friendly option.

Choose Osco Tank and Truck Sales

Whichever option buyers choose, fusion vacuum trucks are a great option for fire departments. These trucks provide efficient, versatile, and economical options for water retrieval. Contact Osco Tank and Truck Sales today to find out more and set up your order.