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Water Tanker Trucks = Livestock Benefits

#1- Sustainability

dust and cracked soil pic

Did you know that the food and agricultural industries are the largest consumers of water?

Clearly, water is crucial to the agricultural and livestock industry for several reasons.

For instance, without quality water, livestock would not be properly fed, and the air quality would not be as healthy for the animals, particularly cattle.

How can Water Tanker Trucks help? According to The Union of Concerned Scientists, sustainability in agriculture means good stewardship of the natural systems and resources that farms rely on.” In other words, managing water more wisely is highly effective in sustaining water sources.

Ultimately, Water Tanker Trucks reduce the amount of water every year because every drop is accounted for. Furthermore, this is economically beneficial for the livestock industry.

brown cattle with livestock dust in the background
Notice the livestock dust surrounding the cattle.

#2- Livestock Health

There are several reasons a Water Tanker Truck is beneficial to livestock. Firstly, a water tanker truck helps dust control which, in turn, helps livestock.

For instance, According to the University of Nebraska’s Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources, “excess dust can cause animal health and [overall] performance issues.” Additionally, “Dust causes respiratory problems and skin/hide problems”, which then causes challenges for the farmer. Without quality water, the fields are more dry and the livestock unhappy.

However, a water tanker truck makes the job of a farmer much easier. When a drought hits, for example, and crops are hurting, the simplest and most effective way to transport water to arid fields is a water tank truck. This is why water trucks have become more popular due to heavy droughts during the summer months.

Full body view of an Osco Tank and Truck Sales tanker truck. The truck has a white cab and a round stainless steel tank. The truck is in motion with a spray of water projecting from nozzles on the left and right front sides of the truck.
Osco Water Tanker Truck

#3- Water Tank Trucks = Clean Tank

Why a clean tank? It is crucial that cattle and livestock, in general, receive clean; quality water. Sometimes, if a used fertilizer truck is repurposed for water, or if a plastic tank was not properly cleaned, toxins can remain which can be devastating to cattle. Numerous cattle are killed every year because of toxic water levels. In fact, a veterinarian toxicologist from Kansas State University states that “It’s very common…I see it every year. It’s worth the investment to get a tank dedicated to only hauling water.” In other words, clean tanks are essential.

In Sum, please do your research and find the water tank truck that suits your livestock needs. Osco Tank & Truck Sales is here to serve all of your water tank needs!