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What Are Vacuum Tankers Used For?

At Osco Tank & Truck Sales, we create custom tanks and trucks for our customers. The Fusion Series Vacuum units are another one of our completely custom tank trucks. Osco builds each to your unique specifications. From start to finish, we work with our customers so that they have a say in every step of the build process. But what uses do vacuum tankers have? Are they only for suction and water draw? Let’s find out!

vacuumVacuum Capabilities

The main use for vacuum tankers are suction and vacuum capabilities. Vacuum tankers are used to clean up spills of waste, or to draw waste or water from other places. An example of this is to clear out a septic tank. However, vacuum tanks are also used for such tasks as cleaning up oil spills or drawing water to use in other locations. Our Fusion Vacuum Tankers are used to draw water from lakes, streams, and other bodies of water in rural areas. This is useful to save on costs and helps with issues regarding chemicals. Water contains chemicals after it is purified which hurts crop yields.

Transportation of Materials

Vacuum tankers transport materials that are otherwise very difficult to transport. Vacuum tankers also get into remote locations that are inaccessible. There, they clear out waste material that causes issues with the environment.

cautionSafety Concerns

Vacuum trucks give operators the ability to safely remove dangerous/waste materials from areas that won’t otherwise benefit from this service. Additionally, it offers a safe way to transport these materials so they don’t spread to other areas. Plus, it lessens the air quality effects and the environmental effects when properly contained within the tanker.

Useful in Many Applications

Vacuum tankers are versatile and useful in many different applications. They are a budget friendly option for many operations as they put in “double duty.” Vacuum trucks are used in cases of water suction to transport to new areas that need it, and if necessary, as a cleanup truck.  Never mix fresh water and dangerous waste, even with deep cleaning. However, if you decide you see more need for one over the other, and you’ve started with water, then it’s okay to switch your tanker truck to the other. Your truck puts in “double duty.”

If your operation is considering trucks for sale vacuum tankers might be the right option. Call Osco Tank & Truck Sales! With many options available, we help guide you to the right ones for your needs. Contact us today!