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What to Ask When Buying a Water Tender

Whenever you buy a new piece of equipment for the fire department, it can be a big deal because of the potential costs involved. That means that you want to get it right the first time and make sure that you aren’t surprised upon delivery. One of the best ways of doing that is researching questions that you want to ask before, and thinking about what you want for your department before actually contacting anyone about a water tender.

Fusion Vacuum Tanker1. Will It Have Multiple Purposes in the Department?

One of the first questions that you ask will determine what size tender and which features that it needs to make it usable in all areas you’d like. Is this tender going to exclusively be for rural water loading and unloading (at fire) or is it going to have a few other purposes within the department? If it will have multiple uses, it may need to be larger to accommodate the weight of the equipment from tasks. However, this can make the tender harder to maneuver and way bulkier which can increase fueling costs as well. These are important factors to consider when designating use of the tender to multiple areas. Think carefully about this before making a final decision.

2. How Much Water Does it Need to Carry?

For this question, consider how much water you would possibly need in situations where the tender would be used. If the tender is going to be used exclusively in rural situations where there aren’t many freely available sources of water, it may be better to go on the larger size for tanks. However, keep in mind that your pump will also determine how fast is loaded and unloaded. So keep in mind size vs. pump capacity and how they relate to each other.

Fusion Vacuum Tanker Back3. Size/Type of Pump

As we mentioned, the size and type of pump will determine how fast and easily you can load and unload water. We have a few different types of pumps available, and we would be happy to discuss your specific wants and needs and recommend what your best option might be.

4. Where Will You Use It?

If you are a rural fire department that needs a water tender for situations with unpaved roads, grassy areas, etc., you will need a tender that can withstand rough terrain. When a tender has a high center of gravity, it can easily tip over and cause big problems. Not only will you have whatever emergent situation still happening and now with no way for more water, but you will have another situation with possible injury to personnel and damage to equipment. At Osco, we can help you choose the best type of tender for your department needs that also stays within your budget.

Looking for a Water Tender for Sale?

At Osco, we have options that fit every budget for water tenders. Whether you’re looking for a brand new build, or you want to save with a used chassis, we can help you choose the right options for your tender. Plus, we customize water tenders to fit your needs so that you can have what you need instead of extraneous features you don’t want. Call us today for more information on water tenders at Osco Tank & Truck Sales.