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When is the Best Time for Tank Truck Refurbishment?

We all know that we lead busy lives with busy schedules. If you only have one agricultural tank truck for the job, you’re not going to want to give it up to get it refurbished. There are too many things to do and refurbishment has to wait. However, you know you need to get your old run-down truck refurbished eventually. When is the best time to refurbish your tank truck? Right now!

tank truck refurbishmentMore Time Off

Winter is one of the best times to get your truck refurbished because you know that you won’t need it for a few months. You’re able to put aside your truck and gain improvements. These include being outfitted with new pumps (Gorman Rupp, Defco, MP Pumps, etc.). You could also go for full sump with 3″ or 4″ outlets, sight gauges, double compartment tanks, fuel transfer tank, toolboxes, hose trays, or flood lights. Additionally, every used refurbished Osco Certified chassis receives new paint on the cab and chassis. Plus, you’ll get new tires, new brakes, new powertrain fluids and filters. Lastly a new bumper, a 120 point inspection, road testing, and DOT inspection at an independent truck service center.

More Time to Design and Discuss Truck Refurbishment at Osco

Not only does your tank truck get a day off once we reach the winter season, but you also do. Plus, we do too! This means that we have more time to really get in depth with you and discuss your wants and needs, make changes, do unique custom design, and go past refurbishment and work on a new custom tank truck that meets your needs. While this is possible at any time of the year, we have the most time to do in-depth projects in the winter season.

tank truck refurbishmentNo Rushing

Lastly, you won’t be rushed to get things done when you need to be focused on more important things in the early spring. Spring can be a very busy time on a farm, and you want your equipment up and running right away. Getting things done over the winter season allows you to check one thing off of our list. It also gives you times to test out your new ride and work out any kinks or issues that you may have with it. Plus, it assures that your tank truck isn’t sitting under a snowdrift all winter so that you’ll have an easier time getting it up and running in the spring.

Need Truck Refurbishment? Call Osco!

At Osco Tank & Truck Sales, we are ready to refurbish your tank truck at any time of the year. We’re happy to accommodate your schedule, and we want to work with you to customize your “new” truck. Whether you’re looking for a simple refresh or you want a full overhaul, the experts at Osco Tank & Truck Sales will get it done right the first time. Contact us today for more information!