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Can Poly Tanks Handle the Cold?

Poly Tanks vs Cold Weather

For those living in the Northern Hemisphere, the winter months can mean cold weather, snow and ice. But what does that mean for your poly tank? At Osco Tank & Truck Sales, our poly tanks are built tough. They come with lifetime warranties and can endure cold weather.

Our poly tanks are made from high impact-resistant copolymer polypropylene (CPP), which is a type of thermoplastic polymer.

All red Commander tank truck from Osco Tank and Truck Sales
All Osco Tank & Truck Sales poly tanks come with a lifetime warranty

Sometimes called the “steel” of the plastic industry, polypropylene has a unique ability to be modified or customized to best serve a particular purpose.

Most engineered plastics, poly included, are well suited to temperatures below zero. 

Poly is suited for temps below zero

In engineering terms, polypropylene is considered a “tough” material. What that means is the material has a high capability to deform (plastically, not elastically) without breaking.

Even though poly tanks are tough, the water inside can freeze when the temperatures hit 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

As it freezes, water expands, which can put internal pressure on a tank. To avoid problems, it’s best to avoid putting too much internal freezing pressure on your poly tank.

Water is most likely to freeze when its static or stationery. For fire trucks on the move, like our Dominator or Commander series, the water sloshing inside plays a key role in preventing ice from forming.

However, should you find any of your fire truck parts or components are frozen during frigid winter weather, don’t try to use them. Move to a warmer area (like inside a fire station bay) and give components time to thaw.

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