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Departments get the best of both worlds with our custom responder or mini rescue unit. A versatile responder large enough to carry vital equipment and personnel you need yet also small enough to maneuver efficiently.

Are you looking for custom accessory options on an EMS/ALS vehicle or chiefs response unit? We custom design your unit to make sure every piece of equipment has a custom storage solution. This ensures that everything is easily accessible and fits your departments’ needs.  With varying body sizes we can make your specific needs the top priority. When you’re looking for a custom solution for your fire truck, Osco Tank & Truck Sales is the best option.

These units are also built with versatility maximizing and utilizing every inch of space available. This allows you to carry the extensive amount of rescue equipment required to do your job. This line of vehicles features an aluminum body and is a must have for every department and can be built upon your choice of chassis from any manufacturer.