Osco Tank and Truck Sales chat window

Water Trucks

Our water trucks are designed for a fast draw from almost any water source, including lakes, ponds, rivers and swimming pools. Our water trucks can also be used for dust control with our water truck spray bar, as with our stainless dust control tankers. They can be built on new or used chassis for the best value to provide dust control for construction and mining operations. Osco water trucks are engineered for quality, durability, and performance and are constructed to handle all types of terrain.

  • Pumps (Berkely, Monarch, Gorman Rupp, Defco, etc.)
  • Bertolini spray heads
  • Dust control water truck spray bar
  • Gravity drop fan head
  • Street flushers
  • Hose reels (manual or electric)
  • Water monitor
  • Fuel transfer tank
  • Tool boxes
  • Hose trays
  • Amber lighting
  • Flood lights
  • New paint on the cab and chassis
  • New tires
  • New brakes
  • New power train fluids and filters
  • New bumper
  • 120 point inspection
  • Road testing
  • DOT inspection at an independent truck service center