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Fire Apparatus Trucks Help With Wildfires


How can fire apparatus trucks help with wildfires? First, let’s start with the problem. Currently, wildfires have destroyed millions of acres and have forced thousands of residents out of their homes. Therefore, it is important to note how fire and water tender trucks help with wildfires. According to The New York Times, “Disastrous wildfires this season have forced hundreds of thousands of people out of their homes and turned forests, fields and communities into blasted landscapes, covered by hazardous smoke and falling ash.” We hear about the brave men and women who risk their lives every day to help subside these roaring fires in California and Oregon. They are, in fact, heroes. However, it is also important to comprehend the specific fire trucks and water tender trucks that guide these firefighters with these horrific fires.

Fire and Water Tender Trucks

Rear view of an Osco Tank and Truck Sales Dominator fire truck with yellow and red emergency stripes painted in a downward facing chevron pattern. The 2010 Freightliner truck features four roll-up stainless steel access panels.

Our Fire and Water Tender Trucks have lots to offer! One of our higher quality fire trucks is the Dominator Series. The Dominator Series is built for a lifetime. In fact, each Dominator truck is “completely custom[ized] with Poly tanks and Poly bodies that carry a lifetime warranty.” Similarly, our water tender trucks are customized by design. We can guarantee that your water tender truck will be constructed to fit your specifications. And better yet, we deliver anywhere and are happy to include our customers in every decision making process.

Responder Trucks

Osco Tank & Truck Sales Responder Truck with dual cab and box all painted red

Additionally, it is important to note that responder trucks are equally important when it comes to fighting fires. Osco Tank & Truck Sales responder trucks are top of the line. Furthermore, our responder trucks “are Custom-Built with the Versatility to Meet Your Needs.” We at Osco Tank & Truck Sales want to ensure that all of your emergency response needs are met. Our ability to custom build each responder truck with our customers’ unique objectives is why you should contact us today!

Ultimately, we want to construct the safest trucks possible . We want to ensure that all firefighters and/or related service people are effective at their jobs. The current wildfires in both California and Oregon have undoubtedly made us more aware of the importance of safe, quality trucks.