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How Do Vacuum Tankers Work?

At Osco Tank & Truck Sales, we take pride in the Fusion Vacuum Tanker Trucks we build. However, have you ever wondered how vacuum tankers work?

These trucks can be extremely beneficial if you need to move large amounts of liquid or waste. If you’ve ever wondered how a vacuum tanker works, continue reading to find out.

Vacuum Tanker Parts

It’s important to know the different parts of the vacuum tanker truck. The main parts include:

  • Cab: This is where the driver sits and controls the truck.
  • Tank: Either made from steel or aluminum. It holds the liquid or waste inside.
  • Pump: The pump is used to create negative air pressure. It takes power from the engine and creates a suction for the vacuum.
  • Primary: The primary chamber collects all the liquid or waste that is vacuumed up. It protects the pump in case it gets too full.
  • Secondary: The secondary chamber is smaller and protects the pump in the event that the primary chamber stops working.
  • Discharge Valve: Empties the liquid or waste.
  • Intake Valve: The hose is attached to the intake valve to start extracting the liquid or waste.

Suction and Force Key for Vacuum Trucks
how vacuum tankers work

A vacuum truck includes a strong pump that gives suction power to the vacuum. A vacuum force is formed after the air is removed.

Once the primary and secondary shutoff valves are opened, the vacuum force will equal itself with the outside and is then able to take up any liquids or fluids. The discharge valve then is used to dispose of anything that has been extracted.

Air is the only thing that should flow through a vacuum pump. The pump is what creates a vacuum in the tank, allowing the vacuum to do all the work.

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There are different types of vacuum trucks available for different types of jobs. At Osco Tank & Truck Sales, we can help you create a unit that is specific and custom to your needs.

We work with our customers throughout the entire process so they can get the perfect vacuum truck for their needs.

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