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Poly Fire Tanks vs. Stainless Steel Fire Tanks

If you’re in the process of purchasing a new, custom fire tank truck from Osco Tank & Truck Sales, you may be trying to make a decision. Go with poly fire truck tanks or stainless steel fire tanks? While common knowledge tells us that they’re both quality tanks, there are some key differences between the two that might be the deciding factor for you in choosing one over the other.

Stainless Steel Fire Tanks

Commander Fire Apparatus Series SideAt Osco Tank & Truck Sales, we construct our stainless steel tanks of T-304 stainless steel with a #4 polished finish. We have 1000-4000 Gallon Tanks available. We build each with a mild steel or stainless steel u-shaped skid, and Osco builds every tank to withstand the pressure and stress of off-road use demands. This is especially important when traveling over bumpy roads and uneven terrain. No more worries about your tank breaking, cracking, or falling off when you have a job to do. Stainless steel fire tanks have a service life of 20+ years.

The biggest con of stainless steel fire tanks is the weight. The weight of stainless steel is obviously greater than poly fire tanks, but that is a sacrifice you may make. The quality and durability you know and trust from stainless steel makes up for weight. Another reason some folks do not like stainless steel as much as poly is warranties. Warranties for poly tanks are usually lifetime, while stainless steel usually isn’t. However, overall, the choice on tank is up to you to decide!

Poly Fire Truck Tanks

Preston Fire Department - Preston IAAt Osco Tank & Truck Sales, we manufacture our poly fire tanks from high impact-resistant copolymer polypropylene (CPP). They come with a limited lifetime warranty so you never have to worry about faulty tanks. As with all custom builds from Osco, poly fire tanks are custom built to any size and shape. Osco custom builds the perfect size for your operation and with your budget in mind. Poly fire tanks are easy to install, durable, and easy to move after installation. Poly tanks for fire trucks are also easy to clean and maintain.

The cons of poly tanks are that they may be more expensive and less attractive than stainless steel tanks. They may crack or break because polymer is plastic, but this is covered by a lifetime warranty. However, the choice is up to you on which you choose for your fire tank.

Osco Tank & Truck Sales Supplies Poly Fire Tanks and Stainless Steel Fire Tanks

If you need help deciding on which tank would work best for your operation or the tanker truck that you are considering, give us a call at Osco Tank & Truck Sales. We’re happy to talk it over with you and discuss your options and which would work best with your operation, budget, and your goals for the tank. We know this can be a very important decision as it will usually last the life of the truck, and we are ready to answer any questions. Give us a call today for more information or to discuss your situation and which tank would be best for you!