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Truck Spotlight: Fire Trucks

Osco Tank & TrFusion Vacuum Tanker Sideuck Sales is proud to spotlight custom fire trucks and used fire truck tankers this month. Custom fire trucks can be a great addition to any station. These trucks can be built to fit the specific area needs without breaking the bank. With pre-made models, buyers get both options they do and don’t want.  Custom-built Osco Tank fire trucks allow buyers to choose exactly what they need and leave out the rest.

What kinds of fire trucks do we offer?

Osco offers three different models of fire trucks. First, the Dominator Series is meant to last and impress. Next, the Commander Series gets the job done while still keeping the operator in mind. Finally, the last model is the Fusion Vacuum Truck, which we highlighted last month. Each model serves a different purpose. Buyers can be confident that they can find the model they love and customize it exactly to match their needs.

The Dominator Series

Dominator Fire Apparatus Series System

Dominator Series trucks are completely custom built with Poly tanks and Poly bodies that carry a lifetime warranty. Buyers have the ability to choose from multiple options, creating the fire tanker that’s exactly right for their needs. The Dominator can be built in an elliptical (oval) shape or in a rectangular “wetside” style. Other features of the dominator include a Freightliner, International, Kenworth, Peterbilt, Mack or custom chassis, 1000 to 4000-gallon Poly tanks with a lifetime warranty, and a Poly body with a lifetime warranty. On the truck, there are custom-built storage compartments, Whelen LED emergency lighting, and a 10” dump valve. There are Hale, Darley, or Waterous pumps of 250-1250 GPM, and optional gas-powered auxiliary pumps. These are just what’s included on every Dominator truck!

There are also options that buyers can choose to customize their Dominator fire truck. Some options include portable tank racks, custom built hose trays, a side mounted dump valve, or rear swivel dump. There’s also the option of traffic advisors, LED emergency lighting, water cannon(s), and custom electronic water level gauges. Buyers can add a center control console, custom sirens and air horns, roll-up doors, or scene lighting. Buyers can even customize with auto charge systems! Plus, there are even more options to choose from once you start the process.

The Commander Series

Commander Fire Apparatus Series SideTraditional tank trucks can cost an arm and a leg for features that aren’t necessarily needed. The Commander Series still includes all the custom options of any Osco truck. However, it comes at a better price and still with the operator in mind. Commander Series fire tankers are built to perform under all conditions and can be fitted with either an economical stainless steel tank or a lifetime warranty poly tank.

Commander series fire tankers come with a Vent opening, sight gauge, 20″ man way, (3) threaded NPT openings/fittings, back welding (interior seams welded), and mild steel skid. Additionally, buyers can choose between Osco’s economical stainless steel tanks, which are constructed of T-304 stainless steel with a #4 polished finish, or our lifetime warranty poly tanks. These poly tanks are manufactured from high impact-resistant copolymer polypropylene (CPP). The Commander series also includes liquid foam tenders that hold up to 5,000 gallons of liquid firefighting foam. These trucks can be easily dispatched and set up to gravity feed or pump off the foam solution.

What about customization? Well, Commander series fire tankers can be customized with Epoxy coating, extra baffling, stainless steel Hose tray, 9″ X 7″ Halogen scene lights, stainless steel SDTR, stainless steel catwalks, 10″ dump valve, stainless steel skid, stainless steel storage compartments, and stainless steel rear step bumper/hose tray. Also, there are many pump options available. Learn more about them here.

Choose Osco Tank & Truck Sales

No matter which fire truck is chosen, buyers can be confident knowing that each will go through a 120 point inspection, road testing, DOT inspection at an independent truck service center. Trucks also receive new paint, tires, brakes, bumper, and powertrain fluids and filters. If these fire trucks interest you, give Osco Tank & Truck Sales a call today and get started on customizing your dream fire truck.