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Why Choose a Poly Tank?

At Osco Tank & Truck Sales, we offer poly tanks, but what does that mean and how can it benefit your fire tank truck?

Our poly fire tanks are made from high impact-resistant copolymer polypropylene (CPP), which is a type of thermoplastic polymer.

Poly tanks can be custom built to any size or shape, allowing you flexibility when you order your tanker truck.

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All Osco Tank & Truck Sales poly tanks come with a lifetime warranty.

All our poly tanks come with a lifetime warranty, so you know it’s built to last.

Advantages of a Poly Tank

They’re easy to clean and maintain, which gives them an advantage over stainless steel tanks.

Stainless steel tanks are susceptible to degradation due to different types of bacteria in water. Stainless tanks can be affected by MIC (microbial induced corrosion) in which corrosion is caused by microorganisms.

In comparison, poly tanks are resistant to organic solvents, degreasing agents and electrolytic attacks (corrosion).

Poly tanks are lightweight, and when you’re hauling a tanker truck full of water, the lighter the tank, the better your fuel economy.

Copolymer polypropylene (CCP) is resistant to staining and known for its tensile (resistance to breaking under tension) strength.

Poly tanks are easy to install and can even be moved after installation.

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