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Custom Trucks Meet Fire Department Needs

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Osco Tank and Truck Sales lets you fully customize your Dominator series tanker.

Buying a new fire apparatus is a big decision for any fire department. At Osco Tank and Truck Sales, the ability to customize your new truck ensures your department gets an apparatus that meets its needs.

Fire departments must have dependable and efficient fire vehicles.

While there are no official nationwide standards on how long a department should keep a fire apparatus, departments must be prepared to replace equipment on a timely basis.

In general, the National Fire Protection Association says a 10 to 15 year life expectancy is normal for first-line pumping engines. However, the NFPA notes a 10-year limit may be more realistic in areas of high fire frequency. 

For less frequently used fire apparatus, a 15 to 20 year lifespan may be realistic. 

Other factors should be considered when replacing truck

Age alone shouldn’t determine if a fire apparatus is replaced. Variables such as weather, road conditions and routine workload should be taken into consideration.

The older a fire apparatus is, the more susceptible it is to corrosion, metal fatigue, and crystallization.

As a truck ages, the availability of replacement parts and maintenance costs may make purchasing a new apparatus a more fiscally responsible decision. 

Osco Tank and Truck Sales customizes Dominator series

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A Dominator series tanker truck from Osco Tank and Truck Sales can be customized for your department’s needs.

At Osco Tank and Truck Sales, we offer the Dominator fire apparatus series. Our Dominators are built to last and can be customized with the features you need.

We build the Dominator Series units completely custom to the customer’s specifications. From conception to completion, we work with our customers so that they have a say in every step of the build process

We build our Dominator Series trucks with Poly tanks and Poly bodies that carry a lifetime warranty.

We build the Dominator either in an elliptical (oval) shape or in a rectangular “wetside” style. 

Choose from multiple options to create the fire tanker that’s exactly right for your needs.

Each Dominator unit is built on the chassis of your choice. At Osco, we offer Freightliner, Kenworth, Peterbilt, International, and Mack chassis. We can mount a Dominator unit on a refurbished used chassis or a customer supplied chassis.

We offer Hale, Darley or Waterous pumps with a 10-inch dump valve and optional gas-powered auxiliary pumps. 

Dominators can be built with 1,000 to 4,000 gallon tanks.

Custom built storage compartments ensure your Dominator truck meets your fire department’s mission and needs.

When you need to upgrade your fire department’s aging fleet, contact Osco Tank and Truck Sales. We will work with you to ensure your new truck meets your department’s needs.